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Originally Posted by AJ PwR View Post
Hey Everyone!

I would to take this time to introduce some T1R accessories for the Honda CRZ!

T1R Voltage Stabilizer
The T1R V-Power Voltage Stabilizer regulates the voltage of the car's electrical system, providing constant voltage at all times. Normally the electrical system's voltage will fluctuate Under acceleration resulting in power loss and rough power delivery. The Voltage Stabilizer eliminates this voltage fluctuation, providing a constant voltage, thereby smoothening power delivery and optimizing power. Low rpm performance is improved noticeably, with improved response, acceleration, and smoothness. Fuel economy is also improved, especially for city driving conditions. Available in 2 colours i.e. blue & purple.

T1R Fuel Ionizer
The T1R I-Power Fuel Ionizer places two heat resistant Neodymium magnets around the fuel line to ionize the fuel before it reaches the engine. The magnets decompose the gasoline molecules into ultrafine particles. The gasoline particles are more evenly spread, thus improving combustion. Consequently, power, torque, engine response, fuel efficiency, and emissions are improved.

T1R Ignition Booster
Until now, due to various types of load resistance and interference at the contact terminals, fuses, contact points and cords in the electric circuitry on the way to the ignition coil, major loss occurred and optimum combustion did not take place. To help solve this the T1R V-Power 2 Plus utilizes a new approach in voltage stabilizer devices for ignition coils that brings out 100% of your ignition's performance by providing point blank power to the ignition coil via connection to our specially designed circuitry. This in turn gives you dramatic improvement in engine performance from optimum ignition to ideal combustion.

T1R Hyper LED Dome Light
Introducing the latest in technology of LED lights. This light board will make your interior 2-3 times brighter, also benefits in power saving and a longer life span. The LED light board comes with 12 LED bulbs for a soft light beam and extraordinary brightness.

Comes with 5 universal adaptors and instructions. Easy D.I.Y. Installation. Also can be applied to most cars in the market.

T1R Radiator Cap
The T1R high pressure radiator cap functions to effectively reduce the coolant pressure loss. When operating at extremely high temperature, loss of pressure could result in the coolant vapourizing and building up inside the radiator. As vapour is not a very good thermoconductor, this could upset the balance of the entire car cooling system. The T1R high pressure radiator cap does exceptionally well at keeping that pressure in, even Under severe operting conditions. For example, a factory Honda cap reads a pressure of 1.1bar compared to the T1R cap at 1.3bar. This is 22% increase in pressure which in turn gives a better, more balanced engine cooling.

T1R Oil Cap
Made out of CNC spacecraft Aluminum. Super lightweight and special drilled holes for safety wire usuage during racing. Available in Purple or Silver.

T1R Forged Aluminum Wheel Nuts
Introducing the new T1R racing wheel nuts. Made out of CNC machined cold forged aluminum with utlra lightweight design. Each nut weighs 18g (0.39 lbs) each with special hard anodized colour such as B-Blue, Ti-purple and Racing black. Sold in a set of 16 pieces nut & 4 pieces wheel lock.

T1R Chromoly Wheel Nut Set
Super lightweight design with thin-wall construction. Made out of Cold-Forged SCM435 steel alloy for lightweight and durability. Special oversize taper seat to ensure the best contact. External drive with 17mm HEX for quick removal & installation. Full stud engagement and can accomodate long racing studs.

This also features a rotating taper-seat with Forged aluminum 7075 for scratch-free purposes.

T1R Titanium Wheel Nut Set
The T1R wheels nuts are made out of CNC titanium. The T1R wheel nuts handle much higher stress compared to Aluminum and steel. We have track tested and proven the performance. The T1R wheel nuts represents the highest quality in it's class, and leading in automotive style and fashion industry. All wheel nuts are sold in the set of 20.

T1R T182R Titanium Shiftknob
Made out of CNC machined billet titanium with the latest burnt blush top finish. Designed for those who like "SOLID FEEL" & high quality. The knob weighs 182g. Ball shape which can fit to any size hands for best grip. Available now for most Honda MT application.

T1R/ALEX EGGO Titanium Shiftknob
ALEX EGGO full titanium shiftknob, designed by ALEX and made by T1R (Type One Racing). This knob is extremely light weight and durable. ALEX designed the knob in "EGG" shape to enhance excellent grabbing feel. It is also designed to be countersunk for 5~10mm depending on shifter.

T1R Reservoir Tanks Covers
T1R reservoir tank covers serve three purposes. One, they help keep the brake and clutch reservoir tank caps in place during racing and spirited driving, helping prevent spillage of vital fluids.

T1R Reinforced Muffler Bushings
We offer special reinforced rubber muffler bushings to reduce exhaust vibration. This can be applied to stock or any aftermarket exhaust system.

This model offers adjustability for you to align your exhaust to ideal position.

T1R Magnetic Drain Bolt
The T1R magnetic drain bolts help remove metal shavings and debris from the engine oil. By preventing such debris from circulating in the oil amongst the engine's internals, friction between moving parts is reduced and the oil's lubricating effect is maximized. This helps maintain the consistency of the engine's power output and reduces wear and tear, improving engine life.
Comes in M14x1.5.

For me information and pricing, feel free to contact us, or visit our website at A&J Racing!


Ben @ AJR
Sorry for old thread reply but are you still providing these accessories.. I am looking to get plenty of these items so please reply ASAP
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