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Default Re: Japanese Mag Takes Honda CR-Z For a Drive; Says It's Slow, But Handles Well

Originally Posted by Hargert
The only problem with that is that it will cost them sales. Right now I am holding out to test drive it but if it does not live up to what I am looking for then I am going to take my dollars elsewhere. If they are going to release a SI Honda should have done it from out the gate and then they would not have all of this bad internet buzz going on. Those that want the econo box version could buy that and those that want more performance option could buy the SI.
Well if you remember the Civic launch. Honda never let the cat out of the bag that an Si was coming. The same with the Si sedan. Nothing and then just days before the show a lil rumor that an Si sedan was imminent.

If handling & steering in the car are a cut above the rest, then I'm sure they'll spring a surprise on us someday, just the way they have done in the past.

That said I agree with your statement, but then the ways of Honda are always mysterious
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